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I’ve been on the staff at First Baptist since August 2008, overseeing the daily operations and support staff of First Baptist and providing administrative support for the various ministries. I also direct, with the help of some very dedicated, committed volunteers, the Missions Ministry of First Baptist, which includes the Eleos Food Bank & Clothes Closet / Counseling Ministry as well as our overseas, short-term missions projects.

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About Me

My Background
I was born and raised in Savannah, Ga., attended Georgia Southern College and Emory University, and spent 25 years in the Transportation/Logistics Industry before being called into fulltime ministry. I have had the privilege of serving in overseas, short-term missions since 2002.

Why I Follow Christ
I follow Christ because at just the right time in my life 24 years ago, He called me out of hopelessness and unfulfilled expectations into a life of certain hope, purpose, and unconditional love that never fails.

Ask me about
College football and baseball, music, missions, or my Jack Russell terrier Eddie.

Have you ever looked around and wondered what it would be like if you didn't have a house, clean water, or an education?  Have you ever wondered what it would be like if no one had ever told you about Jesus?  Have you ever seen a commercial on TV and wished you could help someone in need in another country?  

We believe it is duty of the church to help others in need wherever they are just as Jesus' disciples did in the far away land of Samaria. We cooperate with other churches as well as the Baptist International Mission Board.  We sponsor missionaries in Romania and have sent teams there several times.  We are active in missionary work in Jamaica, where we build houses, lend our labor and love on the children while telling them about Jesus, and invite them to trust Him as we do.  Recently, we have seen doors open up in Haiti.  We are excited about our current opportunities to help the needy and share our hope in Jesus.  We are even more excited about doing more.  

Going into the world and connecting in a practical way to then share our faith. Just another way we want to do life together with those in need.  Connect here to volunteer.

Hello or as they say in Haiti, Bonjour.  Our church owns a plot of land in Haiti where we are helping children to learn about Jesus, get an education, and thrive beyond their circumstances.  Many of these children are orphans due the the earthquake or economic circumstances.

First Baptist sends mission teams to Haiti on a regular basis and we have room for you.  Whatever your gift, we want you to join us as we provide practical help while we share the hope of Jesus.  Join us as we change lives for Jesus in Haiti. Merci beaucoup!

Hello mon...welcome to Jamaica! Where there are no problems mon, just situation!  Let's forget everything you think you know about Jamaica like the cruise ships, large hotels, buffets, Bob Marley, and cool runnings and look at why we go to Jamaica.  We go because there is a whole other part of the island that tourists never see.  We go to the part of the island with little to no potable water and homes that are not more than pieces of scrap metal.  We go to build homes for the homeless, paint, dig, hammer and saw.  We also go to host Vacation Bible School and share our hope in Jesus to the children and their families.  We can't just walk in and proclaim the Gospel, like here in America, we intentionally connect and are the hands and feet of Jesus in a practicle way which opens the door to telling those we are with why we are ultimately there, to share our hope in Jesus and invite them to do the same.  We go through an organization called Isle go...Isle go...will you?  Contact us for more info and many blessing to you mon!

Operation Christmas Child is a division of Samaritan's Purse.  Shoe boxes are filled with toys, candy, and other items and shipped to approximately one million children around the world.  During the fall season First Baptist church collects boxes from our church members and surrounding community for distribution.  Each box has a book of Bible stories about Jesus shipped with it.

However, Operation Christmas Child is not just a fall or Christmas event.  There are activities year round to help fill as many boxes as possible with the goal of reaching as many children world wide for Jesus.


Volunteering is fun and rewarding as well as a way to give back to God what is His.

Let's get together!


Got questions? We've got answers, and we'd like to get to know you. Please call our church office for a tour at

(912) 756-2196 or get the church app- "FBC Richmond Hill" and fill out a connect card on the phone app.



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