People need to be a part of something bigger than themselves.  Every part of First Baptist is made of imperfect people who are a part of the bigger picture, the functions of the church.  Our worship services are engaging but our ministries are an engagement.  They make us intrinsic parts of the church, they are what makes us family.  We should endeavor to come together for worship but we invite you to strive to really engage. Get connected with a Life Group or a ministry.  Help feed the needy or teach children, run lights and sound, greet visitors.

The list is really long so we have this website for you to look at how you can engage with us.  Engaging is easy, just let us know what your interests are.  If you are a cynic, critic, doubter, hurting, recovering and imperfect, you will fit right in.  When you engage, not only will you give of yourself but you will find friends that become like family and you will grow through fellowship as you serve and connect.  

A car does not move in park, it only moves when the transmission is engaged.  A marriage doesn't just happen, there is an engagement.  In the same way, we move and grow and grow together when we engage with each other.  Check out where you fit in, then get connected with a Life Group Bible Studies and volunteer or get more information about serving. 


Volunteering is fun and rewarding as well as a way to give back to God what is His.


Worship Service  9:00 am
Sunday School 10:10 am
Worship Service 11:15 am
Wednesday Night Supper (Aug-May) 5:15 pm
Bible Study 6:30 pm
FBCRH Student Ministry 6:30 pm
Children's Ministry 6:30 pm
Week Nights  
Life Group Bible Studies Various
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