Where do the lights, sound, visuals, newsletter, web page, and so much more come from?  They come from behind the scenes volunteers from novice to expert that make everything you see or hear happen.  We work on projects and productions together, plan new things, implement the latest technologies, and grow our skills while doing what we love. We are the behind-the-scenes people and always have something interesting going on.  Want to join the team?  No experience necessary, we'll train you to do what we do, hang out, and have a great time serving.

Where do I fit in?

  • Stage and auditorium set-up/tear down for the worship services; we have two services with two distinct looks.
  • Operating the overhead projection system and computers.
  • Broadcasting live audio and video to the auditorium, lobby, classrooms and internet.
  • Writing web or app content.
  • Recording audio and video during church services, Sunday school, and other special meetings.
  • Audio and video editing or recorded services and other special events for archive, broadcast, and production.
  • Production, duplication, and distribution of recorded audio and video files to the internet.
  • Providing audio and video support for evangelistic outreaches and other special events outside of the church building.
  • Taking pictures or shooting video.
  • Set/Lighting design and construction.

Audio Visual Team

Meet Thomas

What I do

My Job
I facilitate the use of audio equiptment as well as video equiptment in order to enhance the worship experience. This also allows my ministry to provide an atmosphere conducive to leading others to Christ.

Contact Thomas This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

About Me

My background
I am very much a technology person. I love building computers as well as working on them. I have been serving at FBC since 2006. I have a career in Law Enforcement in which I love. I enjoy watching football in my spare time. I also enjoy playing xbox and some computer games. 

Why I Follow Christ
As a Law Enforcement Officer I see the bad side of socitey, Christ gives me hope that there is Light in this world of darkness.

Ask me about

The audio/visual ministry is responsible for setup, maintenance, coordination, and use of the church’s audio, visual, and lighting technology used during services and for other special on-and-off site events. The ministry’s goal is to glorify God by creatively using technology to enhance the sermon and music through lighting and sound without distraction or interference. We do this within our local church and throughout the world as it’s broadcasted or distributed on media with the highest video and audio quality available. This ministry is for everyone, we encourage our students as well as adults to get connected this is a skill that is usable in many different settings and it's pretty easy to learn. We'll provide the training, you provide the artistic creativity and desire to serve.

Communications Team

Meet Chuck

What I do

My Job
Jesus said to go into all the world, proclaim the Gospel, and make disciples. You can't do that without communicating with people, and these days means that you use print, social media, video, and other modern forms of media.  I use all of these in my work on the Communications Team. I also spend a lot of time at First Baptist teaching, but generally just serve wherever there is a need. You can usually find me quietly working behind the scenes, organizing things, or making processes work.

Contact Chuck  

About Me

My Background
I am married to Donna and have three teenage daughters who keep me very busy. We have been First Baptist members since 1998 and have both served in a variety of roles. I am a Navy brat, life long geek, and computer guy who has worn many hats and worked many places.

Why I Follow Christ
I believe it, all of it, and know that once you meet the real Jesus you will never be the same. He changed me completely and I want others to experience the same hope.

Ask me about
Anything technology related. I am well-versed in most Sci-Fi and keep an online record of my home improvement projects.

The Communications Team oversees advertising, promotions, printed publications, web site, phone app, social media, newsletters, and other First Baptist communication tools.  The team works hard behind the scenes to create electronic and print content and is an integral part of every worship service, event, and communication.  You see the team's work all around First Baptist, including on the web page you are reading right now!

This team is made up of graphic designers, photographers, computer programmers, videographers, and others who constantly expand and explore new avenues with which to communicate with our community, share the story of Jesus, and reach out to people.  The Communications Team loves new technologies and usually has several projects under development. If you enjoy technology or media arts, we invite you to become a member of the media team. We love new ideas and people and want to get to know you.  No experience is necessary!

How Do I Get Involved?
The Media Team does so many things in so many areas that we are always looking for new volunteers. If you have skills in a particular media area, or if you've never done this sort of thing and would like to join in, we would love to meet you and talk about what we do. Connect with us and we will take it from there!


Volunteering is fun and rewarding as well as a way to give back to God what is His.

Let's get together!


Got questions? We've got answers, and we'd like to get to know you. Please call our church office for a tour at

(912) 756-2196 or get the church app- "FBC Richmond Hill" and fill out a connect card on the phone app.



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