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Giving is not just money.  Here at First Baptist Church we are not fixated on money; we actually are fixated on serving God.  Do we need money to operate? Sure. We have a managed budget that allows us to keep the lights on and the water running so we can meet and worship together and serve the community.  However, what would we be if we only focused on our meeting together? We wouldn't be obeying God.  

Giving often includes money but that's not the whole story.  Giving is donating food, clothing and medical supplies to the homeless and needy.  Giving is using the time and talents God gave us to serve our church and those in need.  Giving is sharing our lives with others by getting involved.  Giving is more that a moment in time where we give online or put money in an offering plate. Giving is a lifestyle that is part of who we are as Christians.

There are many different ways to give at First Baptist:

Living a lifestyle of generosity by helping those in need.

Living a lifestyle of giving by supporting the church financially.

Living the lifestyle of giving by sharing your time and talents with the church or those in need.



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