Baptism is another practice of the church that is often misunderstood.  Very simply, baptism is being fully immersed in water to publicly symbolize your decision to follow Jesus and to symbolically identify with His death, burial and resurrection.  Let's look at some Frequenty Asked Questions about baptism.

No, only Jesus can do that, Acts 4:11-12.  No element like water can save you and no work like being baptized can save you, Ephesians 2:8-9.  Baptism is following the example of Jesus and others found in the Bible which we believe is commanded as a public affirmation of our faith, Romans 6:3-4.

We do not practice infant baptism because we do not believe an infant can make an informed decision to follow Christ.  We have several baby dedication services each year where parents pledge to raise their children in a Godly way and the congregation pldeges to support the parents.

It depends, if you were previously baptized by immersion (fully put under the water) in a church that holds the same or similar belifes as we do regarding salvation and baptism, no.  Our pastoral staff are always ready to discuss your questions, contact us and we'll connect with you.

Cool, contact us and we'll connect with you and meet with you to answer all your questions.


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